New Recommendations for a New Year

Phoenix Restaurant Dim SumHope you all had a great holiday season. Wanted to start the new year off right with some long overdue additions to the Chicago Cab Fare recommendation list, including two countries making their first appearance! Be on the lookout for some brief (and also long overdue) reviews of two of these spots in the near future, as I’ve already had an opportunity to visit Phoenix for my first dim sum experience (see my girlfriend’s artfully constructed Instagram collage from this meal to the right), as well as Serena for my birthday dinner.

I was also excited to learn about Den Den and Chill Cafe. The only Chicago Eritrean restaurant I’d heard of before Den Den closed long ago, so it will be cool to see if I can pick out any differences that it’s got from Ethiopian food. Kyrgyz cab drivers continue to be among some of the nicest I’ve met, which makes me look forward to trying their food a bit more than I otherwise would be. Friendly people make the tastiest food (the French are the exception to this statement).

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  • Dude, I love what you do. (Helped by the fact my father was a taxi driver.) If you ever need a dining companion, I’m in!! (Something with lots of veg because I’m trying to cut down on meat these days.)

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